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20 Feb 2019 tại 3:36 Food is good. Delivery should taken 60 minutes but it took 90. Food was lukewarm when it arrived. I was only 5 minute drive from the restaurant as well. Try Baba’s kitchen for a better delivery service and warmer food.
28 Jan 2019 tại 2:11 Possibly the best indian food in HCMC but last 2 deliveries placed at 6.30pm were delivered at 8.30pm only a short distance from restaurant. Had to call at 8pm and complain, food was cold on arrival.
26 Jan 2019 tại 13:43 Really nice food but it was over 40 mins late being delivered. I wish they would fix this part of their business
17 Jan 2019 tại 15:17 I ordered 3 dishes and didn’t notice till after opening the bag that I only received 2. I immediately called the restaurant to notify them and they said the delivery man would come back immediately with the refund and he never came.
10 Jan 2019 tại 14:31 Usually the delivery is on time (within 60 mins) but this time the food never came despite calling multiple times . and being told it would be another 5 mins. Disappointing
4 Jan 2019 tại 15:13 Arrived when they stated, food was very nice, just what we ordered
30 Dec 2018 tại 20:14 Quality is good-if on time. But delivery is completely screwed up. This has happened atleast 5 times now that I'm writing this review. They take around 2 hours to deliver a single curry and couple of roti. They won't receive call. Won't follow up back.
11 Dec 2018 tại 4:10 food is always great! some food flavour is changing, also ingredients sometimes change but the food is always fantastic. for me (from Austria) this is pretty much the best indian food to get in SGN! also price and Quality is top!
11 Dec 2018 tại 0:34 Delivery took way too long!!
29 Nov 2018 tại 3:56 I was worried about delivery time after reading the reviews but it's so fast today that it had arrived at my room before my partner came back from work to enjoy lunch with each other.Healthy and hot, delicious food.thanks Ganesh.
14 Nov 2018 tại 0:28 Delivery took over 2hrs. They usually really long. It’s frustrating because the curry is delicious but the delivery is just too long. The order was in a Tuesday night. I had to contact them after 1.5 hours.
4 Nov 2018 tại 23:16 The food was great as always, but it took over 2 hours from ordering time to delivery!!! We had to call and follow up a few times to check and make sure our food was in the way.