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20 Apr 2019 tại 20:14 The food was spilled inside the package. The packaging can definitely improve. Otherwise ok.
19 Apr 2019 tại 22:20 The lunchtime thali option is definitely good value. Enough for two meals.
11 Apr 2019 tại 0:03 Because the food took 2 hours to be delivered to me it was cold and had to be microwaved, making some of it soggy. The food might have been fine if it had been delivered on time, but what I ate really wasn’t great.
3 Apr 2019 tại 19:57 Order was late but sooooo worth the wait! Love the food.
1 Apr 2019 tại 20:05 The delivery was 40 minuets late... but the food was amazing! Some of the best indian I have ever had. Worth the wait.
22 Mar 2019 tại 19:21 Absolutely ridiculous delivery time... Such a shame. Food is good but you have to wait for more than 2 hours to get it so very disappointing. When writing the review had to put delivery time 90 minutes because Vietnammm doesn't even have 2h30 delivery...
17 Mar 2019 tại 19:09 Took two hours to deliver and despite charging for two steamed rice i ordered they were not included
9 Mar 2019 tại 20:03 Food straight up never arrived. Ordered at 0730pm and it just never turned up. I called 8 or 9 times and couldn’t get through to anyone. Annoying for a regular customer -It’s a shame because the food is amazing (when it turns up..) but delivery awful
9 Mar 2019 tại 18:10 Much better than last time, 2 hours! Food from Ganesh always good.
8 Mar 2019 tại 20:12 2 hour delivery... Never again. Not even a phone call!
3 Mar 2019 tại 10:10 I place order at 6:46.. on the receipt of ganesh it says it what prepared at 7:06pm then out of kitchen and send to delivery at 7:12.: I received the food at 8:46pm!! Guess what : cold food and more than 2.5 hours waiting..
1 Mar 2019 tại 23:45 Ordered vegetable vindaloo. No paneer listed in the ingredients, but I asked for no cheese *just in case*. It came with paneer in it. I waited 90 minutes to receive food I didn't want. Won't bother again.