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3.5 sao trên tổng 586 đánh giá
8 Jan 2020 tại 9:45 I asked for no spicy and vegan, all in caps but it came regular spicy and with cheese fml. Always like that they don’t read the comments :(
27 Dec 2019 tại 13:02 Butter chicken was good but my cheese and garlic naan had no cheese and was very sweet. So I guess they delivered the wrong naan. This is not the first time. Ganesh really needs to be more serious with the food delivery
12 Dec 2019 tại 9:07 3 star for quality because we requested chicken no spicy but came spicy as hell! Our children were unable to eat and barely were us.
5 Dec 2019 tại 11:30 Best Indian food in town. The only concern is delivery took 1.5 hrs.
16 Nov 2019 tại 7:44 The biryani tasted very ordinary with the bayleaves
8 Nov 2019 tại 9:30 We explicitly ordered no spicy, and in each food there were chillies inside.
6 Sep 2019 tại 20:28 Didn’t follow instructions even though asked to add less oil.. just normal indian food. Nothing important
26 Aug 2019 tại 8:01 Deliveryman didn't return the change. I claimed to shop and they explained to me that he didn't have small money. But I saw he had small money. Deliveryman was not good at that time.
22 Jul 2019 tại 17:08 It took exactly 2 hours for me to get the delivery! Even if the order was placed on a Sunday, it doesn't justify this late delivery. It was my dinner. My biryani arrived cold and dry and my lassi warm. Don't advertise 45mins delivery if you can't do it.
21 Jun 2019 tại 8:38 Food was great as always
11 Jun 2019 tại 20:20 Excellent
8 Jun 2019 tại 7:33 Took 110 minutes, food lukewarm, naan so chewy it was an effort to eat, and lamb cooked so unevenly that some of it was tender and some of it was inedible. Ganesh used to be reliable. Now just over-priced and unapologetic about their service.