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4 sao trên tổng 499 đánh giá
22 Jun 2018 tại 5:45 Good but special instructions not followed
19 Jun 2018 tại 4:04 Very decent food, tried both the North and South Indian cousine and met my expectations.
17 Jun 2018 tại 5:48 The naan was cold and gummy i could not eat it
11 Jun 2018 tại 5:42 The food at Ganesh is great but the delivery process is too long and the food is luke warm by the time it gets here. I am not sure how other D1 restaurants are able to make delivers to D2 work but both times I order take away its takes too long
4 Jun 2018 tại 13:33 My favorite Indian place in hcmc so far. Tasty and reliable. Only thing missing would be a spoon. Try the Kashmir pulao and the chicken saagwala.
4 Jun 2018 tại 2:45 Delivered after 2hours...
3 Jun 2018 tại 5:56 The food is consistently good; however, delivery is quite slow. Not a big problem in itself, as I'm unlikely to starve to death, but updates from the restaurant would be helpful and would probably also mollify less patient customers.
30 May 2018 tại 8:47 Delivered to my door, politely and inside quoted time. However my raita was all through the bag instead of in the container. It had been squashed until the lid was out of shape.
22 May 2018 tại 4:03 best Indian restaurant in town
20 May 2018 tại 2:53 Food quality is consistent. Delivery is punctual too. Just I asked them to reduce spiciness of the food but it was still too spicy for us. Most of my family members cannot take the heat. Other than that, all is fine.
14 May 2018 tại 15:48 The delivery took 1hr 40 mins and food was not good quality
11 May 2018 tại 4:16 So good! The House special recipe changed again but it was really good, I really enjoyed my dinner