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19 Mar 2018 tại 0:26 Food very good. However this time the forget all the condiments. No mint sauce, no sauces of any kind, no onions, nothing, just what I ordered only. :(
18 Mar 2018 tại 7:44 Excellent food as always. Some of the best lemon rice and fish korma. Didn't like the sweet n sour chicken though. It looked like I expected, the sauce color was right, but it didn't have a sweet n sour taste at all, it was missing that vinegar base .
12 Mar 2018 tại 11:07 No confirmation received, no call pick up when I called and food delivery after 2 hours. Will not order from here again
12 Mar 2018 tại 8:47 I wait more than 2:15 for the delivery....its not the 1st time. They always deliver in late. Its not correct.
9 Mar 2018 tại 4:33 food took over 90 minutes to arrive and was not as warm as should have been when it did
10 Feb 2018 tại 21:53 normally on phone order they send some chutney, salad etc. along with food...was disappointed as it was just bare order...
31 Jan 2018 tại 5:08 This time chicken hakka noddles was not that much tasty like last time when I ordered 5-6 days back.
31 Jan 2018 tại 4:31 Fast delivery and great quality food :)
29 Jan 2018 tại 5:10 Quality was good but quantity was very less. So quality wise HAPPY but quantity wise DISAPPOINTED :(
29 Jan 2018 tại 0:33 Chicken khadai and lemon rice was delicious. Chicken madras was very oily. Starters and sauces were great! Portions and price were very reasonable.
28 Jan 2018 tại 9:52 My favorite Indian place in town
26 Jan 2018 tại 8:18 Hi, I like this restaurant usually but yesterday The food was good but very spicy. And it was not delivered with rice of piece of bread, only the meat and sauce. it was unclear when I ve ordered.