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3.5 sao trên tổng 453 đánh giá
16 Jan 2018 tại 8:46 40min late; when arrived delivery guy instantly went into tirade that we gave him incomplete address and it took him ages to find, while holding the bill that clearly had the address printed on. tikka masala arrived spilled out
14 Jan 2018 tại 1:47 Food was a bit too oily. Food is much better in the restaurant
8 Jan 2018 tại 5:36 Terrible.Took one hour and 55 minutes for delivery.Food was VERY bad; oily and greasy, we threw it all away uneaten. The Palak Paneer was literally liquefied butter without any taste, vindaloo wasn't spicy, tikka masala tasteless. Baba's is much better.
5 Jan 2018 tại 16:13 Nightmare! Worst delivery service in SG. More than 1 hour of trying to explain where my place is. I got fed up waiting eventually
23 Dec 2017 tại 15:30 The chicken tasted like gasoline. They probably put some lighter fluid on their barbeque. Rest was ok.
19 Dec 2017 tại 6:38 Very good food, nice delivery guy
17 Dec 2017 tại 10:48 We usually order on G. on Sun. evenings... this time, we ordered on Sat. afternoon & the chef must have been different. The palak paneer really lacked flavor/seasoning this time and overall the curries tasted more watery. We'll stick with Sunday or
11 Dec 2017 tại 4:28 Delivery took 2h...(not a Sunday). The restaurant should not engage themselves on 40min delivery time if they cannot do it. By the time the food arrived, I was angry and no more hungry....
10 Dec 2017 tại 12:13 ordered for 12 months. consistently good.
10 Dec 2017 tại 11:55 Great Tikka and Naan. Maybe I don't eat much but usually enough Tikka to last til next day.
7 Dec 2017 tại 9:14 only delivery was fast but the food lacked Indian taste..pathetic veg. they should train their chefs to cook proper if not 100% atleast close to 80% Indi flavor! Not yet found a good Indian rest in HCMC which I can rate as good. Something lacks terribly
7 Dec 2017 tại 3:32 Delivery took nearly 2h :( and it was not placed on Sunday...